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Board members Dr. Kenneth Jones & Lesley Farmer were first gen college grads.

Board Members Dr. Kenneth Jones & Lesley Farmer Were First Gen College Grads!

Board members Dr. Kenneth Jones and Lesley Farmer were first generation college graduates. They reflect upon the ways  in which a $500-$1500 scholarship would have impacted their college years. Both emphasize the missed opportunities of participation in campus organizations and study abroad that would have been significant educational enrichment experiences.

Dr. Kenneth Jones

Director of the Program and Staff Development for the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Graduate

What impact would a $500-$1500 scholarship have had upon a semester's finances?

“ It would have been a significant benefit. That would have been enough to cover the cost of books, supplies, and transportation to/from home. The funds would have also been helpful to allow participation in extra-curricular activities and student organizations (dues, etc.).”

Were there any educational opportunities extra financial support would have enabled you to participate?

“ One regret that I have is not being able to partake of a study abroad experience. In the mid-1990's, there were not a lot of resources available; most students had to pay or find the money for travel on their own. A lot of students have to forgo these opportunities and use their limited funds on things that will keep them in school (i.e., paying tuition). Also, there are a lot of educational opportunities through organizations and activities, but there is often a cost to participate. Financial assistance can help students become more engaged.”

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