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         Cassandra Johnson 

Tates Creek High School Counselor Mrs. Martin told me I was a good candidate to seek a college education. Mrs. Martin informed me about college during my junior year of high school.  At the same time, she referred me to a TRiO Program, Educational Talent Search that taught me everything I needed to know about College. Social work Academic Advisor Dr. Janet Ford who was the best advisor around and encouraged me to seek higher education once I received my undergraduate degree. 


Tammy Taylor, financial aid counselor who showed me how to stand up for myself, Cate Pearson, SSS Counselor who encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, Lauretta Byars who gave me my first introduction to technology, Rietta Turner, SSS Director & Vicki Sampson, SSS Learning Specialist who gave me the opportunity to impact Trio Program Student Support Services (SSS) by offering me the first SSS Tutor Coordinator position.


I choose Social Work after exploring the majors of Architecture, Art Studio, Theater, & praying. Each class thereafter was the same. I enjoyed going to class each day making A after A on the course work. I am a Counselor for the TRiO Student Support Services program that was such a benefit for me as an undergraduate & graduate student, paying it forward for the last 17 ½ years has been one of the best career experiences I could ask for. For the future I would like to obtain my PHD in Counseling, Social Work or Theology.