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                Elisha Ellis

I wanted to go to college to make a difference for myself and make something of myself. 

There were many people that mentored and guided me throughout my college years. Its hard to name them all! 

To name a few people:

Lydia Wims

Lynda Bush

1st Generation staff

Kelsey Crew

That is all I can remember for now, its been three years and I've had a baby, sorry. 

I chose my major because I was going for nursing and noticed that it was not the career path I wanted to take. I realized I was great at helping out others, but Chemistry is a hard subject to pass. Lol

I did utilize professors for help and got to know a lot of the professors during my college career. 

I am currently pursuing my Master's Degree at UofL in hopes that I can begin working in a hospital as a hospital social worker. I am not sure that it will happen, but I want to try!