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FGWAB Reception Keynote Speakers

Dr. Judy Jackson, Interim Assoc. Dean of Diversity at Colby College

"Many people might not see the FGWAB scholarship as the big deal that it is.  The increasingly high cost of a college education today is daunting to many students.  Financial Aid packages usually provide tuition assistance, and often include room and board.  But the cost of college involves far more than these two components.  Students have to also worry about the cost of books and other course materials, as well as personal supplies and other expenses that come with being in college.  Facing these circumstances can make students of little or no means feel defeated before they even begin classes. This is part of what makes the FGWAB support for our scholarship applicants so vital. It's that extra push at the starting line that helps our applicants finish the race.  Just imagine what good the world might otherwise have missed!  Thank you FGWAB!"

Dr. Augusta Julian, Former President of BCTC

"The mission of FGWAB fits so well with efforts by educational institutions to address barriers to student success.  Our work at BCTC identified "first-generation" as one of the risk factors for students who are seeking diplomas and degrees.  Low income, lack of after-school support, lack of role models, low expectations, and other issues are additional challenges to students feeling empowered to find their path to higher education.  Women in the Bluegrass Region benefit greatly from the vision of the founders of FGWAB to help them find their power to succeed!"  

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