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eEmily Evans

 When I was in high school, I aspired to go to college to improve my career prospects. Little did I know that my experience would turn my world upside down in the best way. I met so many people and experienced so much that changed my worldview. I took classes that opened my eyes to social injustices, I studied abroad for a semester in Peru, and I made lasting friendships. 


My mother has always been a shining example of what a strong driven woman looks like. I have also been blessed to have had many professors and friends that are forces for good. These women are creators, leaders, and community activists. They inspire me to be a better and harder-working woman and member of my community. 

 I majored in Sociology and Anthropology! Studying these disciplines allows the student to understand societal structures and human behavior. This often leads to questioning the motives of those in power and finding solutions for societal problems. I was drawn to these disciplines as I felt I could better serve my community with this knowledge. I minored in Gender Studies and Political Science, which provided greater depth for my majors.